Prepare yourself the best way possible with Energy Lab!

If you are aiming for a personal top time or if you want to work towards D-Day without injury through a correct training build-up, your preparation starts here.

Athora Great Bruges Marathon offers you, in collaboration with Energy Lab, everything you need to run a perfect Marathon. From a DEXA scan and Start 2 Run schedules to a fitness test with a tailor-made preparatory programme. You are guaranteed to find something you like.

Energy Lab is known as the reference in the field of training guidance. Both recreational and competitive runners could already visit the labs in Leuven, Paal-Beringen, Ghent and Rotterdam for a fitness test, extensive training advice and a fitting training schedule.

Running fitness test

Not only top athletes need a supported training schedule. As a recreational athlete, you can also achieve your goal more easily and efficiently with a customised schedule. With this running test we map your current fitness and you reach the finish.

Body composition analysis

To measure is to know. Thanks to the advanced DEXA scan you get a comprehensive muscle, fat and bone analysis of your body. Together we discuss the results in function of your objective.

Start 2 Run

Start vandaag nog met jouw training dankzij de Start 2 Run app. De app bevat 25 schema’s die je begeleiden naar jouw (eerste) 5 km, 10 km, 10 miles en (halve) marathon.

Download de app en ontdek meteen welk schema bij jou past!

All Energy Lab services

At Energy Lab you can also get professional nutritional advice, sports medical examination, biomechanical running analyses or tailor-made guidance towards your sporting goals.